MIS Webmail | EQ webmail (Managed internet Services)

MIS webmail

This initiative was developed in response to a demand for free training and educational frameworks in Queensland.

Public Schools of Queen’s Land permit their students to access free training, workshops and different frameworks. Students can use it to send and receive emails, as a storage, can manage contacts and set up the calendar.

On the backend cloud based Microsoft Outlook is used by mis webmail.

This initiative was developed in response to a demand for free training and educational frameworks in Queensland.

  • QGov Account Registration

Mis and eq webmail (objectives, importance and uses)

MIS EQ Webmail is a system that assists Queensland schools in managing students’ data and facilitating learning, founded in 1850 by Warwick.

This platform assigns a unique email to each student in Queensland using the eq.edu.au domain. The Queensland Education Department oversees the development of the system.

This platform is managed by and controlled entirely by the Australian Government, demonstrating its commitment to providing quality education for residents of Queensland.

  • Helpful Educational Resources for Students using EQ webmail
  •  Lectures, Textbooks, and extra educational material are provided to each student using a secured platform.
  •  Free of cost extra educational resources like magazines by EQ webmail.

Mis login details

Online Platform is provided by the Government of Queen’s Land to use all the services provided to its students. The platform is 100% secure and uses cloud-based webmail to deliver services.

You must have a QGov Account to log in. if you don’t have one follow the guideline below.

Any layman can follow the enlisted steps and login to Managed Internet Service or Education Queensland (EQ):

  • Click owa.eq.edu.au to visit MIS Login Portal
  • Fill in your credential
  •  Agree to “Terms and citations of use” by checking the box
  • Hit the Sign in Button ( it will successfully log you into the  mis EQ webmail )

If you are still struggling to log in to Managed Internet Services, watch the provided video for your ease  below.

QGov account is Mandatory to log in and use mis webmail. There is no need to worry if you don’t have one, follow the given steps one by one and get yourself registered with Qgov login to eq webmail, and enjoy all the services offered for free.

  • Go to the account registration page of QGov.
  • Fill in the form fields (Email, password, phone number)
  • Agree Terms and conditions
  •  Hit continue Button
  • After continuing if your email and ph number are valid, you will get a confirmation code.
  •  Enter that confirmation code and hit Verify

After the successful verification, your account of Qgov is registered and you are good to use all the services provided by eq webmail.

Procedure for verifying your identity

  • Keeping all your documents in hand you can easily complete the verification process online, no need to go to any government office.
  • Add in your actual date of birth and given name
  • Chose the document from the dropdown menu
  • Select the document issued by the federal or state government and upload
  • You must complete the whole procedure to 100% to complete the documentation
  •  There are several fields during this process of documentation, if you get stuck on any one, a hint button is there to help you
  • Must provide every document’s reference number to confirm its originality
  •  Double-check the provided information and documents and submit
  • After checking the originality of your documents your identity will be verified.

Change password /Forgot Password

Forgetting your passwords is very normal and in case you have forgotten your password, just visit the Qgov forget password page.

Once you are on the forget password page follow the enlisted steps to set your new mis eq webmail password.

  • Enter your username in username field ( Your username is the email address you registered with QGov)
  • Select the method to get the verification code
  • Hit the continue button. Verification Code will be received via chosen method
  • Enter the Verification code along with  your new password
  • Your password will be changed after these steps and you can login using a new password now.

Navigating through emails

Navigating emails in MIS (Managed Internet Services) Webmail involves some straightforward steps ensuring that users can manage email communications efficiently.

  •  Login to account
  • Accessing the inbox: Typically, after login, you will be redirected to your inbox. Where you will be able to manage all your received email
  • Reading Emails: Same as all other webmails, just click on the email you want to read, and it will open up with all the content and options to reply, delete, or forward.
  •  Organizing Emails: Mis offers the functionality to organize your conversations by creating folders with different subjects for each.
  • Search Function: It also offers search functionality for easy email search with just a  keyword
  •  It also provides to set up email filters and rules along with setting custom email signatures.

Services provided by Mis webmail

Mis webmail advantages

  • Makes Communication faster between the organization
  • Grant Funding Programs
  • Education Department
  • Transition to school
  • Programs for Kindergarten
  •  Customized Communication b/w user via mail.
  • Free Education Tutorials

Few advantages for the students of Queen Land

  • Latest Information: it is the most widely used system in Queensland Educational Institutes. Education Providers have adopted it to completely restructure their workforce and infrastructure due to the close bond b/w students and administrations. 
  •  Data Security: It offers the best security and being extremely secure all the information is safe.

How to set up MIS webmail account on Iphone

Open Settingso   Go to ‘Settings” on your iPhone.
Access Mail Accountso   Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Mail”.
o   Select ‘Accounts.’
Create a New Accounto   Click on “Add Account” to add a new account.
o   Select ‘Other,’ if MIS Webmail is not listed.
Enter Email Account Detailso   Select ‘Add a Mail Account’.
o   Enter your name, email address from MIS, password and the description of the account.
Setup of Incoming and Outgoing mail serverso   Select ‘Add a Mail Account’.
o   Enter your name, email address from MIS, password, and the description of the account.
Verify and Saveo   After you’ve entered the required information, click ‘Next.
o   The iPhone verifies the email settings. Verification will be successful if everything is in order.
Choose Services to Useo   Select the services that you wish to link with your account (Mailing, contacts, calendars etc.). Tap ‘Save.’
Using Your Email
o   Launch the Mail app on your iPhone.
o   Your Account should be listed now. You can then access your email from that page.
Sync Settingso   You can adjust the synchronization of emails by going to ‘Settings” under your account.
o   You can set up options such as mail fetching settings and folder sync.
How to set up an MIS webmail account on an iPhone

How to set up account on android

It is similar to the process of setting up an account for an iPhone but with some minor differences. The following is a basic guide to setting up MIS Webmail in an Android device.

Open Email appo   You can find the default email app on Android devices. You can use the Gmail app, or your device’s default Email.
 Create a New Accounto   Search for the menu or settings option, which is usually represented by three lines or dots.
o   Click on ‘Add Account,’ or something similar.
Select the Account Typeo   Select ‘Other Account Type’.
Enter Email Detailso   Please enter your email and password.
o   Enter server settings manually by selecting ‘Manual Setup” instead of “Next”.
Incoming Client Settingso   In order to specify the inbound mail server you need to provide specific details, such as port number and security type. Your institution’s Webmail service or MIS should provide these details.
o   Click ‘Next’ after entering the details.
Outgoing server settingso   In the same way as you did for incoming settings enter details about the SMTP outgoing server, including port number, server address and security type.
o   When you’re done, simply click “Next”.
Account Optionso   You can also set your notification preferences and the frequency of checking email.
o   Tap ‘Next’ after you have made the necessary adjustments.
Complete Account Setupl
o   Enter the name of your account (which appears in your email program) and enter what you would like to appear on outgoing messages.
o   Click ‘Done” or ‘Next to finish the configuration.
How to set up account on android

Queen’s Land Department of Education Help Number

SMS Relay0423 677 767 and ask for 13 QGOV (13 74 68)
Phone Number13 QGOV (13 74 68)
Street Address30 Mary Street, BRISBANE, QLD 4000
Postal AddressPO Box 15033 CITY EAST QLD 4002
TTY users telephone133 677, then ask for 13 QGOV (13 74 68).
Speech to Speech Relay1300 555 727, then ask for 13 QGOV (13 74 68).
Contact Queen’s Land Department of Education Help Center


The best invention by Queensland’s government was MIS Webmail. The system allows people to get books, lectures, and other materials. They deal with every school in Queensland, Australia.

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